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Hello: For you that don’t know me My name is Jerry…
Back in 2011 I left my job because of severe neck and back problems, and because of that I will never work again. As with most men our work seems to define us, gives us purpose besides just paying the bills. I was one of those people who took great pride in my work so you can imagine what I went through mentally and physically when I no longer had a job, a purpose in my life and WOW trying to pay the bills after that. Ok no Pity Party here to come to.
So after more visits to doctors than you can imagine One wants to cut me open like a can of tuna another wants to put wires up my spine and  send electric jolts in my spine and then add a pain pump to inject drugs in my neck and back, after a lot of time spent online Thank you Al Gore he did invent the internet right?! Anyway there is nothing they can do to fix me, well I decided to fix myself…Right you say.!!
I am 6 ft 2 when I can stand up straight and weigh 245 to 250 pounds I am 60 years old also. At one time most was muscle and pretty toned: but 5 years of this and that and pain pills that left me on other planets and star systems I was letting them destroy my body and mine to the point I could not do it anymore something had to give. Thats when I thought you know Jerry there are a lot of people out there that have it a lot worse than U do… So I am going to walk you through my journey back to a Healthy weight and change my Diet to foods that are not trying to kill me or preserve me for the next 100 years with all the crap they add to our food. Well as you can imagine I could write a book of all the Crap done to me and for what? Just copay after copay when I had insurance to cover most of it but I will stop here for now so you can catch your breath. I will post every day what it is I am doing to get my life back and if I can help inspire any one else to do the same… Well that would be great…! I Look forward to talking to you tomorrow as we go on this wild and crazy trip together. If you read this Please like it so I know I am not just blowing in the wind… See you tomorrow Jerry

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